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Hosting Plans
Simple Hosting
$4.95/mo OR $50/yr
2 MB web space

Need a simple website to display a few choice family photos from your last family event? Do you just want a very simple one or two page site that temporarily will display some information? The Simple Hosting option allows you to affordably post just such a site!

Basic Hosting
5 MB web space, PHP

A perfect upgrade from the Simple Hosting service, Basic Hosting allows a user to create a nice, basic website with enough room for more pictures, files, and pages. A good choice for those that aren't looking to establish a major presence on the web but would still like a website.

Standard Hosting
$14.95/mo OR
10 MB web space, PHP, FTP

The 'standard' Fire Nebula hosting service, the Standard Hosting package includes all the bells and whistles a user may want. 10MB of web space is included in this package, which is more than enough for your average website. Utilizing HTML and/or PHP, your site will be off to a very good start!

Advanced Hosting
$24.95/mo OR
25 MB web space, PHP/MySQL, FTP

The Advanced Hosting package is an advanced service that allows for the integration of dynamic web features and technologies with your site. Harness the power of a database and take your website to a whole new level.

Additional Add-Ons and Fees
Domain Registration - $25/yr - The cost to register

Extra Web Space - $0.50/MB - More space for your growing website.

Bandwidth Charges - $10/GB over 1GB monthly allotment - Every hosting package is allowed 1GB of file transfer per month as part of the package.

FTP Access - $1/mo + $10 setup fee - FTP access can be added to those packages that do not come with FTP access.

Standard vs. Advanced Hosting
Or "What is so nice about databases?"

The major difference between our Standard and Advanced packages is the ability to add MySQL databases as part of the Advanced Hosting package. Web databases make many new features possible - such as e-commerce - as well as making your site more powerful.

One of the most important reasons for going with a database-driven website solution is long-term savings. With a non-database-driven site, all content changes have to be done by hand and uploaded back to the server, which is something that obviously most people either don't know how to do or just simply don't want to have to do. This means that any correction to the site requires a call to the web developer to make the changes. If you have content that is constantly changing it can easily become an expensive proposition to keep the site up-to-date when every change is costing you more money.

Now let's consider a site that uses a database to hold information and dynamically generate pages upon request. Through the use of administrative web forms, the site owner can go into their site and edit information in the database directly without having to contact the web developer (and incur the related web development costs!). Such systems are excellent for calendars, event lists, and other content that changes often on your site.

Note a few paragraphs above that database-driven sites offer long-term savings. It is important to remember that development costs for a database-driven website are higher than those for a convention, static website due to the nature of setting up and inter-operating with the database and the tables within that database. Thus, the initial investment in creating the website is higher. Once the site is finished is when the savings begin. For example, if a static version of your website would normally require two hours of web development work to update it every month, a database-driven solution would be in effect saving you $50 a month in maintenance costs! It would not take long for you to recoup your higher initial development costs through such savings as this.

Bandwidth Allotments

Each web hosting package comes with 1GB of bandwidth per month. What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is a measurement of how much information has been uploaded or downloaded from your site. In other words, it uses bandwidth every time that a user comes to your page.

"Is 1GB of bandwidth enough?" you're probably asking yourself. I can assure that it is. My Planetside website averages 2GB per month, but that is because it is a site with large downloads that averages ~600 page hits a day. The second most bandwidth intensive site hosted by Fire Nebula currently runs at around 40MB per month, far below the 1GB allotment level.

If your site does break the 1GB threshold, the site will be charged $10 for every GB (in whole or in part) that you are above the 1GB level. This means that if you site is more than 1GB and equal to or less than 2GB you will be charged $10 on top of your normal hosting charges. If you go above 2GB, you will be assessed an additional $10 fee, bringing you to a total of $20 in bandwidth charges.

FTP and your Account

FTP access to your website is available as part of the Standard and Advanced Hosting packages. This will allow the client to directly access the website to upload files or modify the site. Note that the FTP user account will not be setup until the client requests for it to be activated.

Why would you need FTP access to your site? Some people may wish to host with Fire Nebula but either develop their sites themselves or have a third-party perform the web design duties. In most cases having FTP available will be of most use to people who have an Advanced Hosting package and may wish to direclty upload files to their site for referencing by their dynamic content.

Depending on the needs of the client, special arrangements can be made to make their hosting package autonomous from the existing Fire Nebula sites setup, allowing the client direct control over their website. This is not recommended for anyone other than those with experienced web professionals.

Website Statistics

The Standard and Advanced Hosting packages come with a simple statistics package that tracks user activity. Not as comprehensive or intrusive as some statistic packages on the market, this package gives you basic information you need to track the performance of your website. This includes number of requests, page requests, search word criteria, and overall site usage.

Having trouble interpreting your stats? For $25.00, Fire Nebula can draft a report that puts the raw statistical data into perspective.

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