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Computer Consulting Services
Computer Services

Price: $30 per hour

Fire Nebula offers a wide range of computing services to its clients, which can be broken down into three major types: repair/maintenance, training, and general consulting.


Computers breakdown. Hardware dies and software cries. Fire Nebula can help you get back up and running. With years of experience in the repair/maintenance field, we can help you to get back up on your feet. This covers everything from simple system tweaks to improve performance all the way to full system reinstalls. We deal in both hardware and software and can troubleshoot both.

It is important to note that our computer repair experience is limited mainly to IBM-compatible, Windows-based PC systems. However we are more than willing to take a crack at other platforms to see if we can find the vital insight to get you back up and running.


Need to know how to use that new digital camera or scanner? Maybe you need some help getting around the Internet or typing that manifesto in Word? Schedule a Fire Nebula training and we will get you lined out and (hopefully) feeling comfortable with your new toy or program. We take a step-by-step approach to training that builds upon the user's previous knowledge. The pace is set at your speed of learning, and don't feel ashamed or embarrassed to take notes to help you out later!

General Consulting

General consulting covers 'everything else' as it were. Fire Nebula can help you to ascertain what your computing problem is as well as a list of possible solutions to correct them. This can include such things as reviewing your current information technology situation or helping to design a home networking solution. Rest assured that we will provide you with the information necessary to move forward on correcting your problem(s).

A Side Note: Database Systems

Fire Nebula can use web technologies to provide local database solutions for your small business network. It is possible to use web technologies, PHP and MySQL to be specific, to create web-based applications for use on local machines, networks, or intranets. The benefit to using these open-source technologies is that they are built on a foundation that most users will find intuitive, as they act, look, and feel like any other website.

These solutions aren't for everyone, but Fire Nebula can work with you to decide whether a solution is right for you. However some organizations might find them to be worth the effort to construct and emplace due to the low cost of equipment and lack of expensive client-licenses to purchase.

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