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One of the biggest questions you can have when looking for a website designer has to be "is their work really any good?" It is definitely a good question to be asking. There are many out there that claim to be high-quality, professional web designers - but their end product (or more correctly the output of their 'website-in-a-box' design software) tells the real story.

The portfolio below is a compilation of design work Fire Nebula has done for past clients. The portfolio should give you an impression of the kind of work that we can do for you, and how our abilities and design styles have grown and matured. We will let the sites and graphics speak for themselves.

Web Design Portfolio

Tyrel's Homepage - (1997-2000)

Tyrel Lohr's personal website. Underwent three complete revisions during the course of its run. Used a frame-based navigation system. 1999 winner of the Central Wyoming College/Microsoft Multimedia Contest.

Page no longer available.
Niobrara County School District #1 - (1998-2000)
Niobrara County School District #1

District website for Niobrara County School District #1. Reworked existing design elements into a new, more utilitarian model that allowed for easy updating. Performed web/graphic design and file management duties for the website.
Niobrara County Future Business Leaders of America - (1999-2000)
Niobrara County Future Business Leaders of America

Website for the local Niobrara County Future Business Leaders of America. Used a framed navigation design to maximize navigation for 640x480 resolution in order to meet state requirements.

Page no longer available.
Fremont County Board of Cooperative Education Services - (2000 - present)
Fremont County Board of Cooperative Education Services

The Fremont County Board of Cooperative Education Services' website is a central clearing house for information related to the BOCES' educational programs and activities. This page makes use of ASP includes to minimize maintenance costs for the client.
Planetside - (2001 - present)

Entertainment page dedicated to the tabletop game Babylon 5 Wars by the now-defunct Agents of Gaming. This was the first Fire Nebula website to make use of extensive server-side PHP scripting, including includes and databases.
Town House Motel - (2001 - present)
Town House Motel

Website for the Town House Motel in Lusk, Wyoming. A very simple design using a page-anchoring color scheme. The first website to be hosted by Fire Nebula Web Design.
Wyoming Public Television - (2002 - present)
Wyoming Public Television

Wyoming Public Television's website. A true collaborative effort, the Wyoming Public Television site incorporates elements jointly created by both Fire Nebula and WPTV.

In the Fall of 2003, the Wyoming Public Television site was completely redesigned to allow a new set of features and functionality to come into play. This new WPTV website was the first major PHP-based website hosted on's servers.
The Legend of Rawhide - (2002 - present)
The Legend of Rawhide

The Legend of Rawhide website to publicize the Western pageant show performed annually in Lusk, Wyoming. Clean design built to emphasize the Legend's ties to the Rawhide Buttes and to maintain a rustic appearance and visual texture.
KW Picnic Tables & Benches - (2002 - present)
KW Picnic Tables & Benches

KW Picnic Tables & Benches website was designed to emphasize the wide outdoors -- the perfect place for KW products! A wood motif was selected for the website and follows the theme of wood based products in natural settings.
Niobrara Life and Health Center - (2003 - present)
Niobrara Life and Health Center

This larger website project for the Niobrara Life and Health Center is the first Fire Nebula client website to make use of a database-backend. This allows NLHC personnel to update the website themselves whenever and wherever they want - decreasing the total cost of ownership of the website!
Lenz Realty - (2003 - present)
Niobrara Life and Health Center

Performed a modest redesign of the existing site along with performing general maintenance to site content.
Bar R Bar Ranch - (2003 - present)
Bar R Bar Ranch

Originally designed and hosted by, the Bar R Bar Ranch website moved to a Fire Nebula hosting plan in 2003.
Pertech Resources, Inc. - (2004 - present)
Pertech Resources, Inc.

This medium-complexity website was designed for Pertech Resources, Inc. out of Riverton, WY. Pertech, manufacturers of kiosk and transaction printer solutions, needed several key features built into the new website to make it functional and self-sustaining. A database-driven solution was developed and, upon completion, handed over to Pertech to maintain.
The Sager House - (2004 - present)
The Sager House

This website was designed for a new bed and breakfast opened in a historic house in Lusk, WY. The Sager House website attempts to invoke the historic beauty of the newly rennovated inn by using a decorative wood motif.
Covered Wagon Motel - (2004 - present)
Covered Wagon Motel

The Covered Wagon Motel website is a graphic-intensive motel site which uses Flash in several locations, and client request, to add more visual motion and energy to the page. Custom animated cursor/cursor trails were also created for the site.
Niobrara County Library - (2004 - present)
Niobrara County Library

This database-driven website was developed for a local county library that wanted to make some of their local records and resources available online. The website includes online, searchable Genaeology and Historical databases in addition to more common fair, such as calendars and news.

In addition to web design, Fire Nebula assisted the Niobrara County Library in making it possible for them to host their website locally off of their own web server.
Rubber Nugget Sales - (2004 - present)
Rubber Nugget Sales

This website was created for Rubber Nugget Sales out of Lusk, WY. I took the information from their print flyers and created a website containing that information. To stick with the theme of their Rubber Nuggets, I went to a local playground that was equipped with the nuggets and took pictures of them and used the pictures as the background for the website.
John F. Neville, Systems Building Concepts - (2005 - present)
Systems Building Concepts

This website for John F. Neville's construction consultant business is a simple, non-PHP website. It makes heavy use of CSS for its look and effects. The overall design of the site drew its influence from Neville's excellent Arizona photography.
Best Value Inn Torrington - (2005 - present)
Best Value Inn Torrington

The Best Value Inn Torrington website was created for another motel owned by the same owners as the Covered Wagon Motel, which Fire Nebula previously created a website for. In order to save money on the website, the basic template for the Covered Wagon Motel website was modified for used on the Best Value Inn Torrington site. The site was then customized and area-specific content added to personalize the website to meet the Best Value Inn Torrington's needs.
Wind River Gear - (2005 - present)
Wind River Gear

Wind River Gear is an outdoor equipment shop located in Dubois, WY. This site advertises the store and provides visitors with information on the store's location and things to do in and around Dubois.
Cedardale Properties, LLC - (2005 - present)
Cedardale Properties, LLC

The site for Cedardale Properties, LLC features their current property listings. All of the property information is stored in a database, which allows the data to be used "on the fly" throughout the website. This provides maximum exposure for properties.

Graphic Design Portfolio

WYASFAA Logo Design (2002)
WYASFAA Logo Design

This logo design was submitted to the Wyoming Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WYASFAA) as part of their logo design contest. The concept behind this logo was students 'reaching for the stars' down the road of life. The mountains were added to tie into the local geography, as Wyoming is a mountain state. The text in the outer circle was added in order to give additional textual direction to the image's graphical message.

This design took Second Place in the competition.

CWC Webstudents Program Logo (2002)

CWC Webstudents Program Logo

This image was submitted as part of a student logo design contest for the CWC Webstudents program. The submissions came from students of the Webstudents program and were then judged by members of the Commerce and Technology Division, of which the Web program was a part. This design won the competition and was then featured on the redesigned CWC Webstudents page.

The concept behind the design was to show perspective using a gridded room lined with code and web-related jargon.

Vector Drawings for Plasma Art (2002-2003)
Vector Drawings for Plasma Art

Several pieces of vector art were created for Walt's Lathe & Machine in Lusk, WY for use in creating plasma art. These included such pieces as an owl, two trains, and numerous other sign and custom order pieces.

Card Deck (2002-2003)
Card Deck

Fire Nebula created a full 52-card card deck for a Macintosh card game program. The cards were designed along a Eastern design motif, including a cherry-wood accent on each individual card. The admittedly hardest part of this project was the creation of the twelve original face card designs featured on the Jack, Queen, and King of each suit.

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